Bodor Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

As an official distributor of Bodor Laser machines, we can get anything in the Bodor product line. If you do not see what you need, please visit the Bodor site and call us!

The strength and durability of the S Series is noteworthy.
Graphite distributed on the inside of the machine provides higher structural strength. This structure keeps vibration minimal allowing for a high acceleration rate and speed in processing. The gives the Bodor S Series an extremely high accuracy in cutting precision.

Technical Specs:
Power: 6KW-20KW
Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
Thickness: 20-50mm

Flash Positioning
1-3 seconds to complete edge searching and positioning...up to 6 times faster than competition.

Ultimate Precision
A sensor system for +/- 1.0mm positioning precision,
0.1mm max cutting precision.

Safety and Reliability
Digital processing to avoid the risk of torch collision,
for guaranteed safety.

High Applicability
Broader application situations: suitable for standard rectangle sheets, and multiple sheet shapes.

The i7 Series is the latest generation of high-precision laser cutting machines. The i7 come with a sealed operating space which contains smoke and laser radiation, this reduces pollution and maximizes your safety!

Low Gas Pressure Alarm Function
Real-time pressure detection and reporting, keeps your technicians cutting and being efficient.

NEW! Safety Following Module
While the machine is cutting, the distance between the laser head and your materials are maintained, reducing collision and increasing efficiency.

Automatic Lubricating System
These machines have automatic lubrication. This keeps your machine to operate efficiently and improves cutting accuracy.

Smart Alarming Function
These machines are equipped with an abnormal alarm, attempting to detect malfunctions in advance. This reduces potential safety issues.

The machine door opens vertically, reducing floor space.
The T Series laser tube cutting machines meet the technical requirements for several industries. The Bodor T Series laser cutting machines have been widely used in several industries: automotive parts, electronics, mechanical hardware, packaging, solar, LED, and other industries.

Touch Control Pad
T-Series is the first tube cutting machine to use UI design - this makes processing more intuitive. The high-definition touch screen is a modern advancement to fit this machine with a diamond cutting process and HD plasma tempered glass.

Fully Automatic Electric Chuck
This machine has an automatic electric chuck with an adjustable clamping motor. This is a non-destructive pipe clamp, making performance more stable.

A Versatile Cutting System
This machine is excellent for cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and alloy metal materials.

The X Series laser tube cutting machines use an outline recognition function. This gives greater precision for elliptical tube and lumbar round tube. The cutting is more precise and stable.

Chuck Self-Centering
Intelligent CNC self-centering chuck for high-precision control. This intelligent CNC chuck allows quick switching of tube on the machine.

Cast Machine Bed
This machine bed, with high rigidity, leads to more precision. A cast aluminum collet board is extremely solid, yet light-weight with solid performance.

Bodor Thinker 3.0 System
Support through Thinker 3.0 tube-cutting software. This software has a modern interface with good user ergonomics.


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