TailLift Fiber Laser Plate Cutting Machines

FL3015 / FL4020 / FL6020

The Tailift Fanuc Series Fiber Laser Plate Cutting machines are High-Performance, High Speed, Precise Accuracy and High Quality for industrial plate cutting. This machines have the following advantages:

  • High Efficiency: Cutting Speed - Quicker ROI.
  • Low cutting gas consumption.
  • Low Energy Consumption and Eco-friendly.
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • These machine bodies are fully covered with safety glass for a high level of operator safety from radiation in the cutting environments, a Dust Collection System, and a fully enclosed splash guard for optimal machining safety.

    Advanced Laser Control Function
    Taillift machines are equipped with a FANUC CNC controller in combination with a FANUC serial servobus. This equipment gives Taillift machines efficient high-speed control.

  • Sharp corner machining function
  • Laser power control functlon
  • Micrometric output control functlon
  • Machining condition setting function

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