Pre-Owned Fabrication Equipment

We currently do not have any used machines, BUT we know where/how to find them.
CALL US if you have a need for a used fabrication machine.

Controlled Automation Multimax Plasma

Machine Features:
• Refurbished by factory
• 12-feet X 20-feet cutting zone
• 1-each Hypertherm HPR260XD
• 1-each Hypertherm ArcGlide THC
• 2 oxyfuel torches

Previously owned by Controlled Automation to manufacture components for their own systems.
Shipped April 2015 and never installed. This plate cutting machine was recently painted prior to controlled automation shipping.
We can provide installation or options such as a cutting table.

Pre-Owned Multimax Plasma - 2 oxyfuel torches

2000 Amada Laser, Model Gemini FO3015

Machine Features:
• 5 ft. x 10 ft. dual pallet system
• G.E. Fanuc control Model 160iL
• 4000 watt Fanuc Laser with 43K on hrs.
• Torit dust collector
• Unit is under power for viewing
• Machine is located in Indiana
• Very good condition - Available immediately!

Used 2000 Amada Laser Plate Cutting, Model Gemini FO3015

2000 Cincinnati Model CL-7A Laser

Machine Features:
• Cut zone size : 5 ft. x 10 ft. dual pallet system
• Cutting Head: Non-contact type
• CNC Control : G.E. Fanuc Model 16M
• Laser Power: 2500 watts
• Exhaust system: In-line axial fan
• Machine under power till late April for viewing

This plate cutting machine system is located in Wisconsin.

Used 2000 Cincinnati Model CL-7A Laser

1995 Cincinnati Laser Model CL-7A

(standard config.)

Machine Features:
• 6 ft. x 12 ft dual pallet system
• G.E.Fanuc 16-M CNC control
• 2000 watt Rofin-Sinar SM laser
• Both cutting heads, contact and non-contact
• Pop-up ball transfers at Load/Unload station
• Unit in storage, ready to ship - Good condition
• Location: South Dakota

1992 Trumpf Model L2503

(for backup parts)

Complete used plate cutting system. This unit was running and working fine when taken out of production and dismantled. Currently in storage. Includes both cutting heads. Installation templates also available.

1991 Trumpf Model L2503, 1500 watt laser resonator, Generator and main control cabinet and other electrical Cabinets. 5" cutting head, X, Y, and Z drive motors and other misc. items. MAKE an OFFER for ALL items and take it all or what you want.
Parts are located in West Central Minnesota.


Machine Features:
• Cutting zone = 53" x 49"
• Moveable pallet 49" x 100"
• Laser source = Rofin-Sinar 1200 SM
• CNC control = GE Fanuc OM
• Cutting head = Contact style (Laser Mech)
• Dust collector = In-Line axial exhaust


Machine Features:
• Cutting Zone = 5 ft. x 10 ft.
• Dual pallet system
• Laser source = Rofin-Sinar 2000 SM
• CNC control = Cincinnati Windows NT
• Cutting head = Non-contact (Laser Mech)
• Dust collector = In-line axial exh. Fan


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